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This website is managed by EBCREATE Store. When we mention "we", "our", or "us", we're referring to EBCREATE Store. This platform, along with all the resources, tools, and services it provides, is presented to you under the condition that you agree to the entirety of policies, conditions, and terms provided here.

When you browse or make a purchase through our platform, you're utilizing our "Service". By doing so, you consent to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined here ("Terms of Service", "Terms"). This includes any other rules or policies mentioned or linked within these terms. These Terms of Service are relevant to all visitors, whether they're just browsing, shopping, selling, or even contributing content.

Before using our site, it's crucial to thoroughly understand these Terms of Service. By interacting with our site in any capacity, you're agreeing to these terms. Should you disagree with any part of these terms, you're advised not to use our platform. If you view these Terms of Service as a proposal, then your agreement is strictly confined to what's mentioned here.

If we introduce new tools or features to our current store, they too will be governed by these Terms of Service. The most recent version of the Terms can always be accessed on this page. We may modify or adjust any part of the Terms of Service and will notify users of these changes on our site. It's advisable to revisit this page from time to time for any updates. If you continue using the site after modifications are posted, it implies your acceptance of the updated terms.

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By accepting these Terms of Service, you confirm that you have reached the legal age in your state or province. If you are of legal age, and you've granted permission for your minor dependents to access this website, it's permissible.

Utilizing our products for unlawful activities or purposes is strictly prohibited. While using our Service, ensure you do not infringe upon any local laws, especially copyright regulations.

It's crucial not to spread harmful software, such as viruses or any malicious code, through our platform.

Failing to adhere to these Terms may lead to the immediate cessation of the services provided to you.


We hold the discretion to deny service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

Be aware that your content, excluding credit card details, might be transferred without encryption. This can include (a) being sent across different networks and (b) undergoing modifications to meet the technical standards of various networks or devices. However, rest assured that credit card data is encrypted when transmitted across networks.

Without our explicit written consent, you are prohibited from replicating, duplicating, selling, or exploiting any part of the Service, its use, its access, or any content found on the associated website.

For clarity and ease of reference, we've included headings in this agreement. They are solely for convenience and will not impact the interpretation or scope of these Terms.


We do not guarantee the precision, completeness, or timeliness of the information presented on this site. The content here is meant for general reference and should not be the sole point of reference for decision-making. It's advisable to refer to primary and more up-to-date sources before making any decisions. Relying on this site's information is solely at your discretion and risk.

Historical data might be present on our site, which by nature, might not reflect the current scenario and is shared merely for contextual reference. While we have the freedom to alter the site's content whenever needed, we aren't bound to keep it updated. It's up to you to keep track of any changes made on our site.


The prices of our products can vary without prior notice.

We hold the discretion to alter, suspend, or halt the Service (or any segment or content within) at any moment without prior notification.

We bear no responsibility to you or any third party for alterations, pricing shifts, suspensions, or cessation of the Service.


Some products or services are exclusively accessible online via our website. These may come in limited quantities and are eligible for return or exchange solely based on our Return Policy.

While we strive to depict our products' colors and images as precisely as possible on the store, we can't ensure that what you see on your computer monitor's display will be an exact match.

Although we hold the right, we are not mandated to restrict sales of our products or Services to individuals, areas, or jurisdictions. We might apply these limitations selectively. The availability and quantities of our products or services can be capped by us. Product descriptions and pricing can be altered without any prior notification, entirely at our discretion. We also retain the right to halt the sale of any product whenever we see fit. Any promotional offers for products or services on this site are null and void where they're not allowed.

We cannot guarantee that the products, services, information, or other resources you purchase or access will live up to your standards. Also, we don't assure the rectification of any errors within the Service.


We hold the discretion to decline any order you submit. At our sole discretion, we may adjust or cancel the number of items purchased by an individual, a household, or for a specific order. This may pertain to orders associated with the same customer account, identical credit card details, or orders that share billing or shipping addresses. Should we alter or void an order, we'll try to inform you using the email, billing address, or phone number provided when the order was placed. We also have the right to curtail or deny orders that seem, based on our assessment, to be from dealers, resellers, or distributors.

You commit to furnishing up-to-date, thorough, and accurate details for all transactions at our store. This includes swift updates to your account data, like your email, credit card information, and expiration dates, ensuring we can process your purchases and reach out when required.

For a comprehensive understanding, kindly refer to our Returns Policy.



We may grant you access to tools from third parties, which we don't oversee, control, or contribute to.

You understand and agree that these tools are provided "as is" and "as available", without any form of guarantees or endorsements on our part. We won't be liable for any issues arising from your use of these third-party tools.

Your use of such tools on our website is solely at your discretion and responsibility. Ensure you're aware of and comfortable with the terms set by the third-party tool providers.

In the future, we might introduce new services or features on our website, including new tools and resources. Any such additions will fall under these Terms of Service.



Some content, products, and services on our platform may feature resources from external parties.

Links on our site might lead you to websites not associated with us. We don't review, verify, or endorse the content or its accuracy on these external websites, and we hold no responsibility or liability for any content, products, or services they provide.

We're not accountable for any issues arising from transactions or interactions with these third-party sites. It's essential to thoroughly review and understand the policies of these external websites before making any commitments. For concerns or inquiries about their offerings, please reach out directly to the relevant third-party.



Should you provide specific submissions at our behest (like contest entries) or independently share innovative concepts, suggestions, proposals, or any other content with us—through any channel (hereafter termed 'inputs')—you acknowledge our right to modify, reproduce, circulate, adapt, and use these inputs as we deem fit, in any medium. We're not compelled to (1) treat such inputs confidentially; (2) offer compensation for them; or (3) acknowledge or respond to them.

We reserve the right, though not obligated, to oversee, modify, or eliminate content that we, at our discretion, find unlawful, harmful, defamatory, or in violation of intellectual property rights or these Terms of Service.

By providing inputs, you assure that they don't infringe on third-party rights, including copyright or privacy rights. Your inputs should not be slanderous, illegal, or contain harmful elements or viruses. Using misleading email addresses or impersonating others is prohibited. You bear full responsibility for the content and accuracy of your inputs. We disclaim any liability for inputs, whether shared by you or other parties.



Any personal data you provide through our store is protected under our Privacy Policy. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


At times, our site or Service might have typographical mistakes, inaccuracies, or missing details, which could pertain to product information, prices, promotions, offers, shipping costs, delivery durations, and product availability. We hold the authority to rectify such mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions and to alter or update details or annul orders if any data within the Service or on associated sites is found to be incorrect, even after an order has been placed.

We don't commit to routinely updating or rectifying details in the Service or on associated sites unless legally mandated. The absence of a specific update or revision date in the Service or associated sites shouldn't be perceived as a confirmation that the entire content has been updated or revised.


Alongside the restrictions detailed in the Terms of Service, users are forbidden from:

(a) Engaging in illegal activities using our site or content.

(b) Encouraging others to partake in illicit actions.

(c) Breaching any local, state, provincial, federal, or international laws, regulations, or rules.

(d) Violating our intellectual property rights or those of others.

(e) Engaging in behavior that harasses, maligns, intimidates, or discriminates based on attributes like gender, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or disability.

(f) Providing deceptive or incorrect data.

(g) Disseminating viruses or malicious code that could harm the Service, linked sites, or the wider Internet.

(h) Gathering personal data about other users without consent.

(i) Engaging in spamming, phishing, or using deceptive tactics to gather information.

(j) Using the platform for immoral or indecent purposes.

(k) Trying to bypass or compromise the security measures of the Service, related sites, or the broader Internet.

Should users engage in any of these restricted activities, we hold the right to discontinue their access to the Service or linked platforms.


We cannot assure that your experience with our service will always be smooth, prompt, secure, or free from errors.

The outcomes you gain from utilizing our service might not always be dependable or accurate.

Be aware that we might suspend our service without prior warning, either temporarily or permanently.

Your choice to use or not being able to access our service rests solely on your discretion. Unless we mention otherwise, our service, along with any associated products or services, is offered to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis, without any explicit or implicit guarantees, including but not limited to the implied warranties of saleability, quality, suitability for a particular purpose, durability, ownership, and non-violation.

EBCREATE Store and its associates, including our directors, staff, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, and service providers, shall not be accountable for any harm, losses, demands, or any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential repercussions, including but not restricted to lost profits, revenue, savings, data, replacement expenses, or any alike financial losses. This applies whether it's rooted in agreement, wrongful act (comprising negligence), strict responsibility, or any other basis, stemming from your engagement with our service or any goods acquired using our service. This also encompasses any claims associated in any manner to your use of the service or any product, such as, but not confined to, any inaccuracies or omissions in any content, or any harm or damage of any kind resulting from the usage of the service or any content or product shared, sent, or otherwise accessible via the service, even if the possibilities were made known. Some jurisdictions or states might not recognize the omission or the limitation of accountability for incidental or consequential damages, so in those areas, our accountability will be confined to the greatest extent the law permits.


By using our service, you commit to safeguarding, defending, and considering EBCREATE Store and all associated entities – including our parent companies, affiliates, associates, directors, representatives, contractors, licensors, service facilitators, subcontractors, suppliers, interns, and staff – exempt from any liabilities, claims, or demands. This includes, but isn’t limited to, all legal costs stemming from any third-party claims or complaints resulting from your failure to adhere to these Terms of Service, any referenced documents, or any infringement of legal norms or third-party rights.


Should any segment of these Terms of Service be ruled as illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, that segment will still be respected to the maximum extent that the law allows. Any segments deemed unenforceable will be considered as removed from these Terms of Service, without affecting the legitimacy and applicability of the remaining provisions.


Any obligations or duties that either party assumed before the end of this agreement will persist post-termination.

These Terms remain valid unless either party, you or us, ends them. If you wish to end these terms, you can do so anytime by letting us know you’re stopping the use of our services or by simply stopping your use of our platform.

Should we believe or even suspect that you've breached any part of these Terms, we can conclude this agreement without prior notice. If this happens, any outstanding obligations on your part up to the termination date remain your responsibility. We also reserve the right to restrict your access to our services, either in part or in whole.


Our inability to act upon or enforce any provision of these Terms doesn't mean we waive that right or provision.

The Terms presented here, along with any additional guidelines or rules we post on our platform regarding the Service, represent the full understanding between you and us. They dictate your use of our Service and replace any prior understandings or agreements, be they verbal or written, between both parties (this includes previous versions of the Terms of Service).

If any part of these Terms seems ambiguous, it shouldn’t be interpreted against the party who drafted it.


The Terms of Service and any individual contracts through which we deliver our Services to you are shaped by and should be interpreted under the laws of the United States.


The latest version of the Terms of Service can always be viewed on this page.

We hold the right, at our discretion, to amend, modify, or update parts of these Terms by announcing those changes on our site. It's your duty to frequently check our site for any updates. By continuing to use or access our site or Services after modifications are posted, you indicate your agreement to the new terms.


For any inquiries about the Terms of Service, please email us at Support@ebcreate.store.