Strio x EBCREATE XC6500 Vapes

Introducing the Strio EBCREATE XC6500 disposable vape. This vape is perfect for both newcomers and seasoned vapers, offering a flawless and high-end experience. Boasting 12mL of pre-filled e-liquid, this device provides around 6500 puffs per usage. You can recharge the 600mAh battery for long-lasting power. The mesh coil technology guarantees flavorful hits, while the built-in safety features ensure utmost protection. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this vape is suitable for vapers of all expertise levels. Order now to elevate your vaping experience.

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Strio x EBCREATE XC6500 Disposable Vape pacific chill
Strio x EBCREATE XC6500 Disposable Vape
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